We facilitate custom-built strategy sessions with proven methodologies, practical tools to assist you in designing a strategy to create an effective management system in place.

We explore your business to see where the greatest opportunities for growth exist. We then create a customized strategy to expose insights into current and emerging marketing trends.

Customer Insights

We are a real-world strategy practitioner with 18-years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies We assist in coordinating your monthly and bi-monthly goals.

Employee Insights

Market Assessments & Industry Analysis

Retreat Facilitation 

*Privacy Policy: Smart Shark Marketing does not sell personal contact information. The following submission is private, and will only to be used for business consulting purposes between the Smart Shark Marketing consultant and the individual submitting theinformation. 

Customer and customer conversion, is at the         of any business growth strategy. We assist in building a practical approach to gathering your customers’ perspective so you know why you’re succeeding or why you’re not.

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Small Business Marketing Consultants

Benchmark your business performance against the competition. By creating a successful in strategy design and implementation. Bench-marketing creates a focus on your time and resources

Our detailed consulting assists you in building a culture of strategic success

Organization Benchmarks


Management Services


The Employee Insights Assessment is provided for Business owners to engage employees within in the strategic planning process. We help you to develop a targeted survey to gather insight from clients, managers, and staff.