Third-party marketing or MLM marketing is a form of employment that provides or promotes goods and/or services to the public via a well-known distributor. Often, third-party vendors such as a loan officer or a Mary-Kay consultant, use their expertise to inform, recruit and sell. Although most large distributors provide some type of marketing assistance i.e. websites and/or videos, however, the marketing strategies provide are the same for everyone, making your product unable to stand out from the rest. 

Most third-party marketers or MLM consultants are compensated based on their trafficking, usage, and the leads procured via the marketing given. Without an understanding of what it takes to make your product work for YOU ~ momentum is difficult to achieve and then maintain.

Are you able to connect a lead with your product?

Understanding how to make your product stand out from the rest is what we do best! 

Small Business Marketing Consultants


Even though you may have the tools to sell, if don't have a clear roadmap on how to grow your business you can lose your more money then what you intend to make.  At Smart Shark, we have not only designed a comprehensive marketing strategy that meets your individual needs, but we also guild you through strategic goals by offering a 
fully-managed solution so you can operate your practice as a true CEO.